The SunshineNest® Advantages

  1. Food Safety & Quality Compliance. Both our factories are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis Control Point (HACCP), Halal by JAKIM certified.
  2. Every batch of SunshineNest®  Ready-To-Drink/Eat Bottled Bird's Nest are commercial sterile; optimal sterilization process in eliminating all microbes whilst cooking the Bird's Nest to close to home cook texture, bringing ultimate convenience to you.
  3. All SunshineNest® Ready-To-Drink/Eat Bottled Bird's Nest are "hermetically sealed", with all raw ingredients vacuum capped in the bottle before cooking/sterilization to eliminate cross contamination, ensuring food safety.
  4. Controlled & Hygienic Bird Farm
  5. Our raw cleaned bird's nests are air dried with low temperature to ensure minimum of 8 times expansion after soaking, a key distinguishing feature of authenticity of bird's nests.
  6. We only use "Crystal Nest" as our bird's nest raw materials in our Ready-To-Drink/Eat Bottled Bird's Nest as it offers a consistent texture and highest level of bird's nest cleanliness, thus ensuring all the natural of goodness of bird's nest is sealed in.