The Best Bird’s Nest Drink in Malaysia

Discover the top reasons why we are the best bird’s nest brand across the whole of Malaysia:


1. "Crystal Nest"

SunshineNest is the best bird’s nest drink in Malaysia because we only use “crystal nests”, which is the main raw ingredient used in our products. “Crystal nests” offer a very delicious taste in our drinks, because it retains the natural goodness in the bird’s nest drink itself.


2. Bottled Bird's Nest Drink

We have the best ready-made bird’s nest drinks that are packaged in bottles which you can carry with you to work or school. Enjoy the convenience of drinking your bird’s nest drink wherever you go. 

Our bird’s nest bottles contain raw ingredients and the bottles are hermetically sealed, which means it is vacuum capped and airtight. As such, you should cook it first before drinking, as it ensures food safety and eliminates any contamination.


3. Controlled & Hygienic Bird Farm

As an established bird’s nest supplier, we also own several bird’s nest farms across the country. Our team strictly ensures that our farms are controlled and cleaned frequently, especially when it comes to harvesting the nests. 

Our hygiene guidelines and standards are based on the Food Safety & Quality Compliance. Furthermore, our products are Halal certified by JAKIM, and we obtained certificates for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Control Point (HACCP). Click here to view all our certificates.