The SunshineNest® Advantage


From humble beginnings in swiftlet nest farming, SunshineNest® is today an integrated swiftlet nest producer with our own swiftlet nest farms, full-fledged processing facilities and retail outlets. Keen to change the perception that bird's nest is a delicacy that is consumed only by the wealthy or is reserved for special ocassions, SunshineNest® now offers bird's nests that are not only of excellent quality, but at an affordable price that everyone can enjoy and consume on a daily basis.

Our Production Process - Enjoy Our Bird’s Nest with PEACE OF MIND


"I can taste the difference with SunshineNest, it is very smooth and delicious! Best in the market and I've tried quite a few brands."

Caitlynn Zuzartee, 24


"I was introduced to SunShineNest products awhile ago and I 've been consuming it on a daily basis for a few months now. Not only did I see improvement on my complexion, but the quality of my sleep have improved as well. I feel more energetic throughout the day!"

Angela Fung, 25


"I’ve been drinking birdnest throughout my pregnancy especially with the hot weather. And I love Sunshinenest because it is refreshing and delicious!"

Abigail Kan, 28



Christina Chu, 36


Loving Sunshinenest as it’s silky smooth and refreshing. I usually consume one spoonful of the pure concentrated bird nest or a bottle of ready to drink bird nest to kick start my day!

Mei Li Yap, 28

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