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SunshineNest is a bird’s nest store based in Malaysia. From the construction, maintenance and harvesting of our own swiftlet farms right through to the processing of the nests as well as packaging, sales and distribution.

Best Bird’s Nest Drink in Malaysia

Our Featured Bird's Nest Products

SunshineNest has a wide range of bird’s nest products that are perfect for you and your family. Bringing the taste of home cooked bird’s nest with convenience in a bottle, whilst ensuring top safety and hygiene. Click here to learn more

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Local Famous Bird’s Nest Shop

Coming from humble beginnings, SunshineNest has now established itself as Malaysia’s well-recognised bird’s nest shop. Today, we own several swiftlet nest farms across the country, and have successfully expanded our retail outlets and processing facilities. 

Many still believe that bird’s nest drinks are only for wealthy people and special occasions. But that is far from the truth, and we want to change that perception. At SunshineNest, we offer excellent quality bird's nest products at an affordable price, available for everyone to enjoy on a daily basis.

Our Production Process - Enjoy Our Bird’s Nest with PEACE OF MIND


"I can taste the difference with SunshineNest, it is very smooth and delicious! Best in the market and I've tried quite a few brands."

Caitlynn Zuzartee, 24


"I was introduced to SunShineNest products awhile ago and I 've been consuming it on a daily basis for a few months now. Not only did I see improvement on my complexion, but the quality of my sleep have improved as well. I feel more energetic throughout the day!"

Angela Fung, 25


"I’ve been drinking birdnest throughout my pregnancy especially with the hot weather. And I love Sunshinenest because it is refreshing and delicious!"

Abigail Kan, 28



Christina Chu, 36


Loving Sunshinenest as it’s silky smooth and refreshing. I usually consume one spoonful of the pure concentrated bird nest or a bottle of ready to drink bird nest to kick start my day!

Mei Li Yap, 28

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