Our Story, Vision, and Mission

Our Story

Back in 2005, our founder, whom was in the construction industry, had made the decision to venture into the agriculture. Based on the extensive research, swiftlet farming was considered as a niche agricultural sector during that time in Malaysia. Due to his strong entrepreneurial personality, he had gathered a team of contractors, hired a swiftlet farming consultant for his expertise and started to build a specially designed swiftlet farm in the forest. As more knowledge was obtained throughout his journey, he was alarmed and shocked to identify the significant challenges within the bird nest industry such as impurities and artificial substances used in this natural supplement. At the same time, it was a struggle to find bird’s nest drink in its purest and goodness form. Hence, in order to address such challenges within this industry, SunshineNest® was incorporated in 2008 so that everyone will be able to appreciate the finest natural supplement in the healthiest manner.

Our Vision

SunshineNest® is about introducing 100% pure bird’s nest into people’s everyday lives. We are committed to abstain from artificial substances such as additives, chemicals, colourings or preservatives so that the natural goodness of bird’s nest is retained. Our vision is to be the most trusted brand of bird’s nest supplier so that people are worry-free when consuming our bird’s nest.

Our Mission

  1. Create a tasteful bird’s nest drink whilst retaining the natural goodness of bird’s nest.
  2. Continuously innovate and introduce refreshing bird’s nest product.
  3. Promote a healthy lifestyle with our bird’s nest products suitable for people of all ages